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A few weeks ago Austin started at his new command here and he typically has every Friday off, this is a huge blessing and gives us some quality family time. So on Friday we started our three day weekend off with a check up for Baby P, which Austin and Lilly joined me for. Lilly is all about bellies and belly buttons right now, so she was super interested in why someone is lifting up my shirt and looking at mommy's belly. After my check-up we went and grabbed me some lunch because I was starving - am I the only one obsessed with Subway deli sandwiches by the way? Then we took a little drive to the next town over to look for a homemade soap store that Austin had heard about. He is into shaving supplies right now and we were hoping to find somewhere local to get his goodies. We never ended up finding the store but Lilly got to take a nap in the car before we ran our errands and Austin and I got to enjoy how gorgeous life is here on the island.

In general I have been feeling pretty good but this weekend I started having LOTS of braxton hicks and I am hitting that very uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I also started having major pain in my lower back this weekend - probably because my crazy dog jumped on me. So I spent a majority of Saturday and Sunday laying in bed or on the couch with a heating pad. With ten weeks to go I am trying to just find ways to make myself as comfortable as possible, and hoping we get into our house soon so I can have my big comfy bed back.

On Saturday Austin sent me out to get a pedicure and try to relax. I ended up getting some fake nails put on as well, so I was gone for quite awhile. I shouldn't be allowed to make decisions while pregnant because I am pretty sure I will end up regretting the fake nails, but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours and have some mama time.
On Sunday we had plans to hop on the ferry and go see a dear friend but because of my back we had to cancel. I may or may not still be upset about this. But I ended up putting together Lillys new Little People Klip Klop stable, which she LOVES. I honestly don't think I have ever seen her so excited about something in a long time and it really made my heart so happy. It makes it hard not to spoil her when she is so over the moon about new things, but I suppose it is something I will just have to work on with time.

After her short nap we headed over to the local pottery painting studio and painted me a new coffee mug and put her little hand prints on it. I cant wait till it is fired in the kiln and I can get it back. It will be a new favorite I am sure. After that we walked over to a new Italian restaurant in town and grabbed some dinner. We didn't love our food, but we had a great family night and ended our weekend on a great note.

I can not believe next weekend is Valentines and considering we are still living at my moms waiting for our house I really have no clue what to do. In my dreams we will magically close this week and we can enjoy a pizza and movie on the ipad while laying in a pile of pillows in front of our fireplace. BUT that isn't going to happen so I am more than open to suggestions y'all, actually I am basically begging for some.

I hope everyone else had great weekends full of time with those they love, and I would love to hear what your plans for valentines are.

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