must have list for pregnancy no. 2


When I was pregnant with Lilly I felt like there was so much I needed. I seriously had a giant list that seemed to be never ending. With this baby there is no massive list, just things I have grabbed as I needed them. Here are the few things I have found the most helpful during this pregnancy.

1. During Victoria's Secret semi-anual sale I grabbed a pair of sweatpants similar to these and I basically live in them. They are so comfortable, don't bother my tummy, and will for sure be in the hospital bag.

2. This pregnancy I also went ahead and stocked up in some boyshort undies a size up, and it was a brilliant idea. I didn't do this last pregnancy, and I wish I would have because I am so much more comfortable. I know these will also come in handy post partum.
3. My biggest splurge for this pregnancy was the bumpnest. I was nervous to buy it because I had purchased the boppy pregnancy pillow for my last pregnancy and was not impressed. The bumpnest gives my back and belly support at the same time, and is so comfortable. Although the pillow does loose stiffness over time but it can be fluffed back up, and still provides support, and comfort. Another feature about the bumpnest I love is the removable pillow case for easy washing. I purchased my pillow on sale, which the website seems to have pretty often, and I have to say it was worth every cent and more.

4. Water. Water. Water. I am the WORST at making sure I drink lots of water, which is unfortunate since it is so important when you are growing a baby. I have found the best way to make sure I am getting enough water is to carry a water bottle around with me and track how much I am drinking. There are even apps you can use if you need the extra motivation or reminder.

5. Shea Butter has been my go to for strech mark prevention for both pregnancies and I must say it has worked very well. I was told it is very important that it is 100% shea butter and I tried a few different brands during my first pregnancy. But I always came back to the Bath & Body Works body balm. Their shea butter seemed to be much smoother, easier to apply, once it was warmed up in my hands. It also seems to last a lot longer than other brands.

I will also say a large supply of nachos are great to have around, although not required.


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