Is this really happening?


I am just a couple months away from bringing home Baby P and my emotions are all over the place.

The day Lilly was born was the best day of my life, and I have never experienced something so magical. I have told Austin many times that the feeling of seeing your child for the first time is an addicting feeling. There is no greater high. But here I am so close to that magical feeling, scared out of my mind, yet so anxious to hold her.

This entire pregnancy we have been so focused on moving and finding a house that we haven't had time to just sit and focus on the life growing inside me. I am sure that has a lot to do with my emotions, and the hormones cant possibly be helping. But the truth is, I am feeling very anxious about how close we are to Baby P arriving.

I constantly worry how this will all effect Lilly. If the house is going to be ready in time. Or how I can nurse a baby all night, but still have energy for a toddler during the day. I want to be supermom, and I doubt my ability with two kids.

I know a lot of this is normal, and I know other woman do it. But for real, how do they do it?
Mostly, I just want to find a way to chill out, stop feeling so crazy, and enjoy these last ten weeks.

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  1. It all just comes to you, same as when you had Lilly. You'll just instinctively know what to do. I don't doubt your ability to be super mom to two children, so you shouldn't either. XO


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