valentines for the whole family


Lilly Valentines


I of course wanted to get a little Valentine for Lilly, but she is a little young for candy so we had to get a little creative. We were at Target the other day and we picked up some cute plates and cup for her. Lilly is really into dogs right now so we are also going to grab her a dalmatian stuffed animal.

Austin Valentines

In all honesty I don't normally do much for Austin for Valentines. I bake him some cookies or make home something special, but he always tells me Valentines is for girls and he doesn't want anything. This year though I have the perfect idea. Lately Austin has been really into double sided razors and shave kits, so I plan on surprising him with some stuff for his new collection.

& Me

I am pretty typical when it comes to Valentines, and I ask for the same thing just about every year. I always get an order of chocolate covered strawberries, and a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. This year I have told Austin I don't want flowers until we are completely moved into the house,  so instead I am asking for a gift certificate to go get a pedicure and relax.

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