s i x month bumpdate


How far along: twenty seven weeks four days
Gender: girl
Weight gain: ten pounds
Maternity clothes: wearing maternity jeans, but still fitting in my tops.
Stretch marks: just a few, but i also have not been applying my shea butter.
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: insomnia has begun, and i spend hours tossing and turning trying to fall asleep. the bumpnest has helped immensely with comfort, but my brain just wont shut off.
Best moment this week: lilly lifting up my shirt to kiss my belly.  it probably has more to do with her obsession with bellies, but i like to think she understands her sister is growing in there.
Miss anything: having our own house.
Movement: i really dont think this baby sleeps, she is always kicking me. 
Cravings: nachos, my amazing husband goes almost every night to get me some. 
Looking forward to: getting into the house so i can plan the play room, and nursery.

I have decided to start doing a monthly bumpdate instead of weekly, because lets keep it real... realistically nobody cares to read weekly about how my body changes. I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by, or that in a few short months I will have not one little girl but two.
I am getting very anxious to get into our house so that I can start planning and preparing for baby P, and also get things back to normal for Lilly. I worry a lot about how all this change is effecting her and I really want some time to settle in our new house before the baby arrives. I know a lot of this is hormones, or at least I assume. I just need to remember to breathe, that God has a plan, and this will all be okay.

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