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I have been dreaming about having a home of my own one day to paint and decorate. I honestly didn't know if I would have the opportunity this early in life being married to the military man, but here we are buying our first home.

Last week we had the inspection and appraisal of the house and everything is moving along. There is some work that needs to be done to it before we close which is setting us back, and of course making me all that more anxious.

As you can imagine I have been on Pinterest going CRAZY and planning every little detail. Room by room I am pinning away and planning. It is going to take years to turn this into our dream home, but I am up for the challenge.

This week I wanted to share my color scheme for the house.

Before even moving in we will be painting the entire house (minus kids bedrooms, bathroom, and our master bathroom) grey. I am obsessed with grey right now. Later on down the line I want to redo the trim in white, and the doors a flat black.

I didn't think Austin and I would ever agree on a color to paint the exterior of whatever house we landed in. The paint on the house is in great condition, but when it comes time to repaint we have decided on a grey color all over, with a mint or aqua door. I really want a house that will stand out, but isn't to loud, and I think a mint/aqua door is just that touch.

I am so excited to go through room by room and show you my plans, as well as get your ideas. Mostly I cant wait to get moved in and share the actual house with you all.

You can find all these pins and their links on my Pinterest profile.

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  1. Grey against a mint or aqua color? Interesting. I think it will work well with the siding and trim, since those two have a neutral tone. Although I agree that a white trim and flat black would look better, since those will give it a more classic look. Anyway, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us, Sara. We hope you get the most out of your new home.

    Harlan Sanford @ Painter Ready Knox


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