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I dream of having it all, and having it right now. One of those picture perfect houses on one of those fancy blogs. But the reality is we are a single income military family, buying a home where the average cost of a home is a little high.

this is just another situation where I need to quit comparing myself to others.

As I have said before our little family is at my childhood home while we house hunt. It has been getting stressful knowing that we have a baby coming in three months, and we haven't been able to prepare for this new addition the way we would want to. In all honestly, I was starting to panic. I didn't think we would find something we liked, that we could also afford, and I was ready to start looking at rentals.

Last week a house came on the market that we instantly loved.

It even met everything my checklist...
front porch
bay window
gas fireplace
and space for a playroom

We put in an offer right away, knowing there would be others. Yesterday we got a response saying there were two other offers and we needed to come back with our "best and final offer". We were so nervous but came back higher than the realtor suggested hoping to guarantee the home would be ours, and this morning I got the call that


Our realtor is hopeful for a quick closing and let me tell ya that I am over here pinning away planning all the projects I want to do.

I cant wait to share this journey with y'all, and show you all the before and after pictures. Thank you for all the support in this time of transition for us, and cheering us on while we were on the hunt.

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