26th Birthday Wish List


My 26th birthday is in just a few days and my family is of course asking for gift ideas, but in all honesty I didn't have many ideas to give them. There are a couple items I have been eying so I mentioned those and have left it at that.

I am asking for a pair of wellies, something I have been wanting for awhile, but didn't need in the desert. Now that I am back in Washington they are a requirement though.
Austin is probably beyond tired of hearing about the Aero Garden. I first saw this on someones instagram and the inner hippie in me had to know more. I would just love to have fresh salad greens on my counter year round, I love salad but so much goes to waste when I buy the stuff from the store.

Gifts aside, I am excited to be home this year and celebrate with friends and family. We have no major plans, just to spend some time out as a family, but I know it will be perfect.

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