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I didn't bring my laptop, or camera with me on vacation because I knew traveling alone with a toddler meant I should pack as light as possible. I still wanted to do a quick update about what's going on with us while we are transitioning. 
Lilly and I came to Georgia for thanksgiving, and my nanny and papas 50th wedding anniversary party. On Thanksgiving we had 20 people at the table, and it was great to have almost everyone together. Yesterday, we celebrated my Nanny and Papas anniversary with a party for 100 plus that went flawlessly. It is so amazing to see so much of our family in one place. 
We also had the time to take Lilly and my niece to the Georgia aquarium which was a blast. Seriously though, I will never go a week where school is out again. No lie it was more crowded than Disney land. But I look forward to going again, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 
On Tuesday I will be 20 weeks pregnant, and half way done! I feel baby P getting bigger and stronger every day and I can't wait till Austin can feel her kick. My nausea is basically gone, and really cravings arnt to bad. I am glad the second trimester has started being kind to me and I mostly don't feel pregnant. While in Georgia my family had a small baby shower for me since they normally don't get to celebrate these occasions with me and it was so lovely to celebrate the growing life with them. 
In a few days I will be packing up and heading to Washington with my mom where we have lots of other things planned to keep me busy until Austin gets there and house hunting begins. 
It feels like our life is a little crazy right now but because my family is so supportive it doesn't feel scary or daunting in the least. I am so thankful for everything, and excited to see where the next few months take us. 

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