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Todays Behind The Blog is one of my favorite Mamas to follow on Instagram!
 Brittany from The Ashmore's is so sweet, and her family is adorable. Her daughter Ainsley and Lilly are literally days apart in age, and it has been so fun watching them grow. In some ways I feel like I almost know Brittany, and I hope ya'll love getting to know her as much as I have.

My name is Brittany and I just started blogging a few months ago after my daughter was born and absolutely love it! I love the outlook it gives me for putting my thoughts, ideas, fears, struggles as a mom, etc. out there. I love getting to meet new moms and Instagram has played a huge role in that! I live in Houston, TX, I am a 1st grade teacher, married to my college sweetheart, we have 2 beautiful children... Oakland age 4 and Ainsley is 11 months!

I love crafting and the joy of creating my own version of what I see online or in a store! I love taking pictures especially of my children! Teaching is a passion and dream of mine! I get to speak the name of Jesus everyday and instill His love into their lives. I absolutely love teaching at a private school. I played volleyball in college and coach the girls volleyball team at my school.

I love anything pink, gold, chevron, polka dotted. I have a bad habit of biting my cuticles, leaving the dishes in the sink, not unpacking from a trip for weeks, not having an organized house, BUT my classroom HAS to be organized!

I love shopping for my kids and will almost every time buy something for them instead of me! Whenever I get a gift card I HAVE to use it that day! HAHA

I am a huge advocate of pumping and exclusively pumped Oakland for 11 months and Ainsley for 10.5 months! I love the Lord most importantly and want to share his love with everyone I come in contact with. I want my life to be a reflection of his love for me.

Blogging is such a wonderful thing and I am so thankful to be featured on Sara's blog! I hope you find me on Instagram (@brittanyashmore) and follow my blog!

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  1. AHHHH I didn't know you posted this. Love it and thank you sweet friend for featuring my blog!!!! xoxoxo!


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