Thank Goodness It's Friday - Link Up #5


Thank Goodness It's Friday! Right? 

TGIF! is a weekly link up created by yours truly and my incredible friend Misty from Us & Him. It's all about real life moments, being true to yourself, and embracing the beauty of the hectic and crazy moments of our every day lives. We think reality can be beautiful, and we want to see and hear about your reality!

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Welcome to the fifth week of TGIF! This week has been really rough. I have to say one of the hardest parts of being a mother is watching your child suffer in any way, especially when there is nothing you can do to help them.
Lilly has struggled for months with going to the bathroom, I have talked to numerous doctors about it but I seem to get the same conclusion - I am a first time mom who is over worried and she is fine. 

This is where I rant.

Why do people (not even just Doctors) think it is acceptable to belittle my
observations and blow them off with the comment such as "you are a first time mom".
I may be a first time mom, but I also know when something is wrong with my child.
How many children I have given birth to is irrelevant to if there is need for concern or not.

This rant could go on forever, but basically it all comes back to this.
We should listen to mothers, and support them, because nobody knows a child like its mother.

End rant.

Laying on the floor watching Frozen with the Anna doll we gave her after her Doctors appointment.
In the last week however Lillys issues got progressively worse. I will spare you the details but  I was ready to go into the Doctor office guns blazing y'all. I did not care if I had to go to every office in town, the Emergency Room, or Urgent Care, someone was going to help my poor baby. Minutes into the appointment the Doctor scoffed the issue off saying it was an easy fix and told us what medicine we needed.
WHY? WHY? WHY? could this not have been done MONTHS ago!?

Waiting on the Doctor.
Lilly also had to get her 12 month vaccines, which I feel were way more heart wrenching this time around, and between the two she was one sad baby. We spent a lot of time laying on the couch this week, watching Disney movies, and cuddling. The medicine has finally taken effect and I have my happy girl back. I am getting lots of hugs and kisses, and the contagious laugh is filling our home once again.

We have not only been feeling a hot mess this week, but looking one to.

Misty and I would love to see what your week really looked like. Be sure to link up here!

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