Thank Goodness It's Friday - Link Up #4


Thank Goodness It's Friday! Right? 

TGIF! is a weekly link up created by yours truly and my incredible friend Misty from Us & Him. It's all about real life moments, being true to yourself, and embracing the beauty of the hectic and crazy moments of our every day lives. We think reality can be beautiful, and we want to see and hear about your reality!

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In my little mind I have dreamed up this peaceful scene of Mommy & Me yoga. This week I attempted to start what I imagine to be "our thing" through the years, and quite honestly it was a sight to see. The first day Lilly climbed on me, not quite yoga but it was cute. The second day, she hit me in the head with her tea cup and pulled my hair. Y'all that is the reality of Mommy & Me yoga with a one year old.

Yesterday Lilly woke up at 6:30 AM, an hour earlier than normal. I am not a morning person, I like my sleep. Groggy I climbed out of bed and got up with her. I went to make her a bottle and there were only two ounces of milk left, luckily we had some formula left so I was able to make her a mixture to satisfy her until we could get to the store. We went through our morning routine and I started getting ready for the day so we could go. Seriously, what a nightmare. She kept coming into the bathroom, slamming her fingers in the toilet, and pulling on the toilet paper or whatever else she could find. I kept taking her back to the living room and five seconds later, there she was. That wasn't the half of it though. After our crazy morning, Lilly never took a nap. By the end of the day she was a hot mess, and I thought I was going to loose every last ounce of sanity I had.

We also had some great moments this week to. Lilly keeps walking out into the middle of the room, is trying to say new words, and so snuggley. I have confirmed that in a few weeks my dream sling will be mine, which is extremely hard to find. Also this weekend our little family is taking a trip to the Trail of 100 Giants to have a picnic and celebrate Austin and I's third wedding anniversary. I really cant wait and hope it turns out amazing.

I hope y'all had great weeks, be sure to link up and let Misty and I know about them!

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