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I am always asked where I get Lillys headbands from, because well she ALWAYS has one on. Truth be told that is probably one of my (many) favorite parts of having a girl. I started shopping for bows the day we found out our little dumpling was a girl and I have found some great shops, and great deals along the way. Here are some of my favorites.

We own more Jameson Monroe  headbands than any other. The quality of them is honestly flawless, and their selection is huge. They even do custom orders that are seriously amazing. I found Jameson Monroe on the website Groop Dealz where from time to time they list headbands at a discounted price. I stock up ever single time. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on when they will be featured on Groop Dealz.

Little Lily Belle is ran by a mom who I have had the pleasure getting to know over social media, and she was even the first Jamberry consultant to join my team. Emily is so nice and kind and when she went us a package of hair bows I was even more blown away by her. She seems talented at everything she does. She sent us a few different bows but all my favorites are the leather bows. The leather she uses is so soft, and the bows are just adorable.

Libby Wynn is shop with unique items. They sell adorable little clips, but my favorite are their felt animal hair clips. I love the detail in the animal, and knowing someone put time and love into making them. I think I see the raccoon, hedgehog, and some plain clips in our future.
This headwrap by Wonderfully Stitched is seriously to die for. I loved it so much that I purchased a second one for myself, mommy & me anyone? It is made out of a thicker fabric, like pure linen maybe? I am not sure but it is sturdy when you tie it and not floppy. It is unlike any other I have seen, and we love it. I cant wait till it cools down and we can rock them together all the time.

Maddie & Bean is another great shop with lots of flower headbands. I love our flower halo, because I have never seen one made like this. It is so cute placed off to the side and flowers going up along her hairline. We also have a mommy and me set of gold leaf halo's, and I cant wait for Lilly to grow into hers. They are a top seller, and so perfect for the fall.

Flowers are adorable on little girls, but to me there is something so timeless about a bow. The bows made by Mark It With a Q are truly adorable, and we love ours. There are so many options in the shop, and they even have bow ties for the little guys.

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