Montly Photos and 12 Month Update


The last year has flown by, and as hard as these got towards the end I am so glad I kept up with them. This little bit has grown and learned so much, and I am so thankful to be her Mama.

I cant believe this is our last sticker photo shoot, or that Lilly is a one year old. It really is unreal. Lilly is taking steps here and there, but still not walking. She has learned to give hugs and kisses, and has perfected waving hi and bye. I bought her the Jellycat Owl a few weeks ago and it has become a favorite, we are pretty sure she even tries to say owl when we give it to her. She has been teething like crazy, and went from two teeth to eight. Lilly's characteristics are becoming more big kid and less baby like, something that is hard to swallow. Lilly loves bath time, dancing, and looking at the pictures in books. She has more and more personality each day, and it cracks me up.

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