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Erin was kind enough to share a real look at her journey (so far) with her blog and motherhood. Her honestly is so real and appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing Erin.

I'm no stranger to the realm of blogging. I can't even count the number of times I have started and abandoned a blog, often after only a handful of posts. After many failed attempts, I finally found the one thing I knew I could write about. Since the majority of my time and energy consists of being a mom... why not write about being a mom? 

Of course there are so many mommy blogs out there already, but I feel like I have a somewhat unique story to tell. Maybe our journey is simply different than others, or maybe there aren't as many people out there willing to write about the bad days, the ups and downs. Inspired by blogs such as Renegade Mothering (my personal blogging idol) and Scary Mommy, I wanted to write about the less than glamorous side of things. The things that every mom thinks, but maybe doesn't allow herself to say out loud. 

I also have a spirited child. And I am very much a spirited mom. What does it mean to be spirited, you may be wondering? Someone who is spirited is said to be "more". More intense, more challenging, more persistent, more sensitive. The idea for the blog came to me when I realized that not only did my child fit into these categories, but so did I. I'm not usually a fan of labels, but this revelation seemed to explain so much and made the challenge of parenting easier for me. I have learned to embrace our differences and idiosyncrasies and it has made all the difference. My spirited child has taught me so much about what it means to be a mother and I wouldn't trade a single struggle (no matter what I might say otherwise). 

Parenting is never easy. It's even harder when you've never really had an example to follow. To be honest I'm just making shit up as I go along, doing my best each day and hoping it's good enough. My only wish for both of my kids is that despite my not-so conventional parenting, they will turn out to be happy, well-adjusted adults, ones who won't go through a single day not knowing 100% that they are loved for the people they are. My hope for my blog is that my readers feel a sense of connection to the words I am writing and the emotions behind those words, and a sense of relief that they are not alone.


  1. I loved this one!! Definitely hopping over to her blog!

    1. It is a super good one! Erin is a great writer!


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