Twenty Five


Twenty five things about me.
Just because.

1. I am not a morning person, but Lilly smiling and coffee help me survive.
2. Sparkling apple cider is my version of wine.
3. When I was pregnant I could only imagine my life with boys, silly me.
4. I was a competitive dancer from ages seven to thirteen.
5. Austin and I got married twice. The first time was done secretly in a friends church with just my family. Seven months later we did the big thing, and our guests had no idea we had been married for months.
6. If I leave the house it is almost guaranteed I will stop and pick up something tasty to drink.
7. I like to shower at night, I love crawling into bed nice and clean.
8. I love Elvis.
9. I make lists for everything.
10. I have to be under some sort of blanket to sleep.
11. I love the sound of rain, especially when it is dark and candles are lit.
12. I have a serious sweet tooth.
13. I am afraid of water, and I cant swim.
14. I procrastinate, but I am working on it.
15. I think I like hanging out in the teepee more than Lilly, can we say child at heart?
16. Pepsi girl, from a Coca-Cola family.
17. I am the oldest of three kids, I have two younger brothers.
18. When I have a lot of things to do, it is always "nine million" things to do. Austin loves to point out how ridiculous this sounds.
19. Both of our dogs are rescues.
20. I love to craft, and really wish I had more time for it.
21. I get super stressed when my house is messy.
22. Becoming a Mama has changed my thought process for EVERYTHING I do, Austin says it turned me into a hippie.
23. I did my first year of college in Georgia.
24. I like to crank the AC up during the summer so I can snuggle in sweats under lots of blankets.
25. Receiving packages in the mail is like Christmas to me, even if I am the one who ordered it.

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