Thank Goodness It's Friday - Link Up #1


Thank Goodness It's Friday! Right? 

TGIF! is a weekly link up created by yours truly and my incredible friend Misty from Us & Him. It's all about real life moments, being true to yourself, and embracing the beauty of the hectic and crazy moments of our every day lives. We think reality can be beautiful, and we want to see and hear about your reality!

Check out the bottom of this post to link up your real-life moments from the week, or create your own Thank Goodness It's Friday! post and link it up :) 

Here is just a glimpse of what you will be seeing from me in the coming weeks...

 All the messes that are Lilly, and trust me they are not just at the dinner table.

The tantrums have arrived, and they are very real. Today we were not happy about the new gate, or well anything for that matter.

What does your reality look like? We would love to see your honest and real moments, so be sure to link up with us and share.

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