Lilly - 11 Months Old


As of July 2nd Lilly is an 11 month old.
Cue the tears.
Headwrap: Wonderfully Stitched / Romper: Carters / Moccasins: Freshly Picked

Then the sticker comes off,
and we are on the move.

I feel like so much has happened in the last month.
For the last week and a half Lilly has been sleeping not only through the night, but in her own crib.
Lilly has discovered the walker, and it is her favorite thing to do.
We purchased Lilly a tunnel after she kept pulling her laundry basket over and getting stuck in it. She loves crawling through the tunnel, and gets so proud of herself.
We have started going to playgroups regularly and she loves watching the older kids. She is learning so much from them, and keeps up pretty well for a non-walker.
She has started going to her room to play on her own. I am so proud of her independence, but it seems like such a big girl thing to do which makes me sad. We of course anchored all her furniture, and baby proofed everything to keep things safe while she is in there alone.
Lilly loves to show us that she is "SOOOOO BIG" by holding her arms above her head.
and of course she is into EVERYTHING.

Knowing that next month is the last time I get to take sticker photos is a little overwhelming. If I really think about it I will burst into tears - so I try not to. We are in full on party planning mode, and are so excited some family is coming from Washington to help celebrate.
We decided not to take Lilly in for a weight check this month. We are really confident in her growing, and think she will be just fine waiting until her 12 month check up. This girl has started eating like crazy, especially if you give her strawberries.

I know I say this all the time but it seems like just yesterday I was holding my little newborn. I wish I could freeze these moments, because they are quite possibly the best moments of my life.


  1. She's Adorable! Sara what size moccasins did you order Lily? Our daughters are the same age. Also any recommendations on first Birthday gifts??

    1. I ordered her a size two, she is small for her age though. They have a size chart, all you have to do is measure the bottom of your daughters foot :) For Lillys birthday we are getting her a ball pit, princess little people and a few other things. There will be a full post about it soon if I ever get to it ;)


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