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If you are on Instagram I can almost grantee you know what Freshly Picked is. This company has blown up and they seem to be everywhere you look. While it is awesome to see a fellow Mama have crazy amounts of success, when I saw Susan tell her story on Shark Tank my heart welled up for her. Beating glass out of windows in the summer heat, selling the scrap aluminum for $200, all so she could start her business. Hustle, the mama has some serious hustle; and there is something special about a mom who will work so hard to make her dreams come true.

When we received our first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins I was nervous for them to arrive, for many reasons. I almost was afraid to fall in love with them, because knowing myself that would mean I would want them all. I was also nervous they wouldn't stay on, or would fall apart. But when the mail man handed me the box I ran to my husband screaming look whats here, and squealed like a little girl when I opened the box. Wait, who got the new shoes?

When I took the moccasins out of the cute little bag I instantly knew I was in trouble. Not only did I love how cute they were, but Austin did to. The leather is so soft, and the color is so bright and beautiful. Am I the only one that wonders how they get leather to look like that? Anyways, we put them on Lilly and let her go about her day. Even with them being big (we ordered a size two because she measured right at the edge of a size one) they stayed on. The elastic around the ankle is awesome, and prevents babies from pulling them off. We really love the moccasins and are already talking about what color she needs to go with her birthday outfit.

I am thrilled to share the joy we have had with our moccasins with someone else,  and give a pair away!
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  5. Thanks for sharing your review with us, and giving us the opportunity to own a pair of these adorable moccs!
    Love all the colors Lilly has, especially the ones in her 11months photo-shoot!!!

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  7. Would love to win these for my sister in law who just found out she's expecting!


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