Fourth of July Fun & Our Long Weekend


The fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday, you probably don't know this about me but I am a HUGE patriot. I love this country.

Back home the Fourth of July is a huge deal. As a kid we started the day off with the parade, then spent all day down on the beach, at the carnival and street fair. Then we end the night watching fireworks on the beach. To me independence day is meant to be spent on the beach, so living in the desert has been a bummer this time of year. We have gone to the beach before, but decided to skip the long trip this year and hang out around the house. Austin had a four day weekend so we were excited for lots of family time.

We spent the fourth just hanging out around the house. We attempted some outside time but I gave up after like ten minutes, its just way to hot here. We made carne asada tacos for dinner - Austin and I cant seem to get enough of them lately. Then we headed to the fair grounds for the fireworks.

I was so excited to get Lilly a light up princess wand, which she smacked herself in the head with over and over, and watch her see her first fireworks show. I was a little nervous the noise would scare her, but mostly I figured she would do fine.

They set of the tester firework and she started clapping. When the show started she was seriously the cutest thing ever. I wish I would have captured much better photos, but her face was priceless. She sat on her Daddys lap clapping and gasping in amazement. That girl, she sure is something else. We went home, put her to bed, and ended the holiday snuggled on the couch.

Then Saturday night I ended up in the emergency room with an ear infection. I have had one before and it was uncomfortable, but this was downright painful! I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, and laying on the couch while Austin did everything (he is a keeper), and three days later I am just starting to feel somewhat better.

I hope ya'll had a great holiday weekend, and hope you tell me all about it.

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