Birthdays, Birthday Shopping and Water Park Adventures.


The last few days have been crazy busy in the Arrington household.

Thursday Austin turned 25. He had work that day so we didn't get to do it to big but he still said it was a great day. He came home for lunch to his presents laid out for him. I had planned a carne asada dinner so when he got home for the day we went and picked up some chips and salsa from our favorite mexican place. We thought it would be nice to put Lilly to bed and eat dinner just the two of us, so we also stopped and got some ice cream as a snack to hold us over. We went home, went through the bedtime routine and got the little one to bed. But neither of us ever got hungry so we completely skipped dinner.

Saturday we started our day out grabbing this Mama some Starbucks and hitting the road. I probably have mentioned this before but we live in the middle of nowhere; so to go shopping we have to drive a couple hours out of the desert and into the rest of civilization - sigh. Anyways.... we spent the beginning of the day shopping away for party supplies and presents for Lilly's upcoming birthday - once again, sigh. I had been stressing about the perfect gifts but I think we really nailed it (more about that in another post). We grabbed some lunch at Chipotle, then decided to go get Lillys ears pierced. We decided when I was pregnant we wanted to do it early on, but we kept wimping out. Not that I didnt try and change my mind this time, but Austin wouldnt let me. She handled it like the tough cookie she is, and Mommy was more upset than her. The worst part for her was being held down. But once they were all done she was smiling and waving to everyone again.
Getting ready to have pierced ears.
SO sassy!

After an infamous target run it was time for the real fun, THE WATER PARK! It was way past bed time and Lilly hadn't napped since the morning so I was worried it would be a complete bust. But in true Lilly form she was all smiles. She loves the water, something she gets from her Daddy. We played in the splash pad, but spent most of the time in the lazy river. Lilly loved hanging in Daddys lap and dancing away to the music. We finally left around 8:30 not because Lilly was ready but because it was getting chilly with the wind. We grabbed me a sonic slush, and headed home.
We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and getting the house picked up, and it seriously was such a fabulous weekend. We really needed to get out of town and just chill out as a family, I only wish it would have lasted a little longer.

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