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This week I am throwing in an extra Behind the Blog because Misty and I are so anxious to announce our upcoming link-up, that we just couldn't wait. When Misty approached me with her link up idea I was thrilled, because there is nobody I would rather work with. But first let me tell you about Misty....

Misty and I met on Instagram months ago, when our babies were just wee little ones. I wasn't cloth diapering yet, neither of us were blogging yet, and I was just starting my Etsy shop. Misty purchased Brynn a blanket from me as a Christmas gift and and in the months it took to finish a friendship blossomed between us.

Although we have never met in real life, I consider Misty to be a real friend. We talk every day, we have watched not only each others daughters grow, but each other grow. I have been there when she decided to start blogging again, picked a blog name, and I have watched as her beautiful and real blog Us and Him has grown. I even joined her Jamberry team, and I am so excited to start our next project together.

My name is Misty Blue and I am half of the “us” from “Us & Him”. My blog is about my life with my daughter and boyfriend Mike. I am 28, my daughter Brynn is 1, and we live in Canada! I do daycare for little ones and sell Jamberry so I can be the main caregiver for Brynn, and Mike is an account manager.

I started my blog because I wanted to update friends and family about our life with our beautiful new baby girl. I had attempted to blog in the past but never stuck with it. Us & Him was the first blog that I felt the desire to continue with, and I have kept up with it throughout Brynn’s life. In the past few months it has turned into a way for me to provide for my family, as well as support small business owners and brands! I also have giveaways often because I really love to give!

My favourite thing about blogging has been the connections I’ve made. Through my blog and through Instagram I have met some really amazing ladies, and I don’t know what I would do without them. I will be forever grateful to these platforms for bringing these friends into my life.
The most challenging thing about blogging for me is being real. I have touched on my struggle with depression because that’s my reality, but it isn’t always well received. I have only good intentions - I want people to realize how common the struggle is, and that it can happen to anyone.I want to help others who struggle to feel confident enough to open up, or help friends and family members of those who struggle understand them better - you never know whose life you might be saving just by being there for them.

Sara and I think being real is important, and as much as we LOVE the beautiful things we see on most blog feeds like the healthy and colourful meals, the clean living rooms, the tastefully decorated homes, and the well dressed mamas and babies, we want to see people being real, too! So we decided to create a weekly blog link up about just that - real life! Whether you’re single, engaged, married, a mother, a father, etc.. we want to see what your real life is like. We want to hear about your challenging weekend. We want to see your messy house. We want to know all about it because we can relate! So watch out for our blog link up coming soon, and get capturing and writing about those real moments. You’re totally not alone.
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