A Sweet Moment


As we quickly approach Lilly's first birthday (only four more days) I am realizing my baby is growing up before my eyes. She is becoming more and more independent, and snuggles are long gone. I have been trying to get Lilly to nap with me for weeks and she has no interest. She doesn't cling to me anymore, and would rather be in her crib when she is tired. 
Right now Lilly is teething and although she is handling it like a champ, it is making sleepy time difficult. Today she has fallen asleep on my chest and I am reminded that no matter how independent she gets, she will always need me. I am so thankful to write this while my baby is asleep in my arms, I needed this reminder before her big day. Lilly and I will always need each other because that is just how mothers and daughters are. 

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  1. Awwwh, this is precious. I cherish any moment that Logan falls asleep on me these days. I miss it so much!


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