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For the last couple years I have worked on and off for the most amazing family as their Nanny. I started watching their two year old, and then recently went back and watched their nine month old for a few months. They are moving on to their next phase in life and it is so hard seeing them go. I have grown to love the family so much, and rather enjoyed being their nanny.

Although I have been approached by other families about working as their Nanny we have decided it is best if I stay home with Lilly. But with all this change what does it really mean? How are we going to start spending our days, and am I really okay without "working"?

At first I wasn't sure if I was even going to reopen my Etsy shop - because honestly I wanted to do nothing. This lasted not even 24 hours. To keep myself occupied and feeling useful I picked up right where I left off.

First I decided to reopen my Etsy shop, I told myself if I get overwhelmed I can always put it back on vacation. I am taking it slow, right now only two items are listed. But I am working hard to revamp Little Lilly bits. I am working on props for a wonder photographer, my first amigurumi items that will be listed, giveaways, and of course new items.

As you have seen previously I also joined the Jamberry team. Right now I am hosting my launch party - if you want an invite let me know!

I am sure you have also noticed the blog is getting a lot more love these days. With more time I am able to put more focus into blogging, and I really am excited about the opportunities that is presenting. I am working on a very exciting giveaway, some awesome product reviews, a new layout, guest posts, and a possible link up. I really have so many ideas, and am so excited to watch this little blog grow.

Probably the most exciting change has been being home with Lilly during the day. Although Lilly went to work with me I still didn't feel like I could give her the attention I wanted. Since no longer working we have started attending baby classes, and going to lots more play dates. It is so awesome watching her interact with other children, and this is honestly what I imagined when I dreamed about life with her.

I am also still trucking along with the CT5K program, and trying to get myself back in shape. I go running three nights a week while Austin gives Lilly her bath and puts her down for bed.

I have felt great staying home so far, not like I am stuck here. I am so blessed to have this family, and although we (obviously) have our difficult moments I couldn't be happier.

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