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Every Mama has struggled with keeping socks and shoes on their baby, and the struggle most certainly is real. As Lilly is standing, and dare I say it showing interest in walking shoes are becoming necessary. Those little feet though, so hard to find shoes that fit her.

Peyton Aria is ran by a mother of two who got tired of fighting the constant battle of socks falling off. The owner was taught to sew at 13 by her mother, and almost completely sews the shoe by hand. How amazing is that!? I can seriously tip my hat to a Mama sewing by hand.

They were kind enough to send Lilly a pear to try out and you can genuinely see the love that goes into these little shoes. The bottom of the shoes are non slip, while the inside is a soft velvet. There is elastic that goes around the ankle for a snug fit, to keep them on. She makes them in the cutest prints, and new styles seem to keep coming.

The shoes fit like socks, it really is quite impressive. But wait for it.... not once did they come off, even that sweet girl couldn't get them off. We will definitely be adding more to Lilly's closet; and if (that is a big if) we have anymore little bits, this will be a staple in our household from the start! Please do yourself a favor and go grab some of these cute shoes, now!

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