Lillys First (not so much) Camping Trip


If you follow me on Instagram you saw that on Friday we packed up and headed out on Lilly's first camping trip. Before moving to California Austin and I were avid campers, almost every weekend during those beautiful spring and summer months we packed the Jeep up and headed out. The heat of the desert has put a damper on that, but who says you cant drive out of the desert? We decided to do just that.

I was so excited to get out of town, away from the lure of technology, and just spend some time with my family. Mostly, I was so anxious to do absolutely nothing. I mean we all know camping equals lots of sleep, and this tired Mommy can appreciate that.

We got a late start Friday morning, I slept in. Seriously - tired mama over here! But by one o'clock we were finally in the car with a napping baby, headed out of town. About three hours into our drive we are on the top of a mountain, and there was nothing. I probably should make this clear, I am a campground camper. Not a find your own spot in the woods and camp kind of camper. We clearly had taken a wrong turn somewhere, but with it being close to dinner time, daylight running out, and a baby who was bound to wake up any minute; I took a deep breath and told Austin to find somewhere for us to set up camp.

Austin found a little spot in the woods, and we set up camp. After everything was set up we made some dinner, tacos in a bag - so delicious. By this point it was past Little Bits bed time and she was so tired. I took her into the tent and laid with her until she fell asleep. Austin came in with the dogs and they went to sleep as well.

I was just starting to drift off when I heard Remmy growling. Then I heard steps - this is where every horror scene I have ever seen flashed through my head. I woke Austin up and he listened to the sound, then tried to explain to me that we were in the animals environment blah blah blah. While I know everything he was saying is true, and I know we had a loaded gun, all I felt was this, my Mama Bear instincts were uncontrollable. There was no reasoning with me, I was leaving and there was nothing anybody was going to do to stop me. If it would have been just Austin and I things would have went way differently, I would have sucked it up. But it wasn't just us, that precious girl of mine was asleep in the tent next to me and I couldn't go back to sleep knowing something was around us.

So I got up and started packing. After getting everything inside the tent into the car I got Lilly and put her in the car. She of course woke up and she started crying. As we broke down the tent she cried hysterically, which Austin pointed out just attracts predators - thanks babe. Breaking down the tent in the pitch black felt like it took forever, I seriously was terrified. We finally finished loading it all up, got in the car, and wait for it..... we couldn't find the keys. We unloaded the trunk, shook the tent out, nothing. Finally I thought to check the sleeping bags, sure enough I had folded them up in there. So at 11:30 and we were finally headed down the mountain, and at 1AM we were finally home in our own beds.

We went camping for not even twelve hours.

On our way our I apologized to Austin for ruining our camping trip. His response "don't be sorry, I don't know how bit it was but there was a cat watching us".


  1. I can't imagine. I'm glad you went with your instincts.

    1. Thank you Leanna, my mom said the same thing. I felt awful so it feels good to have people reassure my decision.


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