Kangaroo Care Product Review


I first stumbled upon Kangaroo Care via a friends Facebook post. I instantly was drawn to how cute the necklace was. But something that could help keep Lilly focused while eating, you know I was instantly gravitated towards this product.

My first order from Kangaroo Care was the Light Grey and Charcoal Flower Mama Necklace. My first purchase, and still my favorite. There is so much I love about this necklace. First, I love that wearing it I don't look like I am wearing jewelry to appease my child. It is just plain cute no matter what, and if you follow me on Instagram you see I wear it quite often. But this is where it really grabbed me. When the juniper wood (maybe others, I am not sure) gets wet from the baby chewing on it there is a tingling sensation. How awesome is that for teething! Lilly loved this, she would be hysterically crying and all I had to do was give her the necklace and she was content.
All this is amazing, I mean it alone is enough to buy one of these necklaces, but there is a reason why I go to Kangaroo Care instead of the many other shops out there. The wood from Kangaroo Care is untreated natural wood, not just some wood beads picked up at Michaels or the local craft store. I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but I personally prefer to know my child isnt chewing on treated wood.


Since my first order I have also purchased two bracelets, and one more necklace. Without a doubt we love our products from Kangaroo Care and I am sure there will be many more. I alwasy keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook page because this company is so awesome and constantly having sales of some sort. If I see they are having a sale, I usually grab something new for me, I mean Lilly.

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