High Five Friday


What a successful week we have had at our home; and that calls for a celebration with Meg and High Five Friday.

As you know this week I am hosting my very first giveaway, so make sure you have entered. It is not just for girls - you pick your product color or design from the shops.

I finally got my blog Facebook Page up! Go hit like so you can stay up to date and be involved with what I am working on. Oh, and have you seen the fabulous new layout? Misty at Us and Him is responsible, I just love her.

Lilly and I made it to baby sign for the first time this week! Something we have been trying to do for like a month, but we always end up sleeping in. Our Matching shirts from Mama Case Prints came, and I just love matching my mini. Lilly has slept through the night for the last three nights! She must have known mama was in need of some sleep.

Also, my Jamberry Launch party wrapped up, although orders can still be added! If you want adorable nails that don't chip go get some wraps here ladies!


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