Sakura Bloom Volume 5 Sling Diaries Audition


It seems like forever ago I found Sakura Bloom ring slings. The sling has become such a major part of our lives its hard to imagine what I did before them, but in reality it really only has been about 6 months. I barely missed the last audtion for the sling diaries and have been anxiously awaiting this round, but woah is it intimidating. After looking through the instagram entires I decided to email mine in, it felt less daunting that way. I am not a great writer, nor anything close to a model (thats all up to Lilly) so putting my face next to some of those entries seemed ridiculous.
Though putting myself out there for the sling diaries is a long shot, I am happy with the piece I wrote. If anything it is a great way to share with Lilly one day about the ways she has encouraged me to grow, so I thought I would share it on here.


I have always been very strong, ready to take on the world, fight any battle, overcome any obstacle. But there come moments in life where everything changes. The moment you came into this world, Lilly Joyce, is the moment my world was rocked. I went from an untouchable, confident woman, to being rather unsure of myself. I have never loved someone so much in my life, and to me that is scary. I want to make the right decision every time, do everything just perfect, because you, my love, deserve the world.

We have struggled making decisions about what’s best for you. Doctors want one thing, while my gut wants another. I have had to find courage in being your mother Lilly. Making my own decisions about what is best for you, and finding my voice to let those decisions be known. I have found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and nurse you in the middle of a crowded restaurant, stand up to the opinions of the world, and go against what people expect from me as your mother.

I know as time passes and we both grow, new obstacles will come. One day I will have to find the courage to be strong while we say goodbye to your Daddy for months on end. I will have to find the courage to endure a deployment not only as a wife, but as a mother, and face the trials that it brings. But I find courage in you Lilly, to face things I never thought I would; to face my fears, challenge myself, and open my mind. But it is the courage you give me Lilly that is making me a better woman, and I am so grateful for that.


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