One of the hardest parts of navigating the online world of cloth diapers is knowing what all the terms and abbreviations mean. Here are some of the most common ones used online, some of which have been covered and explained further in my previous post Pockets, Inserts, Prefolds, Oh MY!

AI2: All in Two, a type of cloth diaper.
AIO: All in One, a type of cloth diaper.
AP: Attachment Parenting
BF: Breastfeeding, can also be seen as bfing.
CD: Cloth Diapers
DD, DH, DS: These are terms used to refer to family members (dear daughter, dear husband, dear son).
Diaper Pail: Where dirty diapers are stored until wash day.
EBF: Exclusively Breastfed, this is commonly used because EBF poop does not need to be rinsed prior to wash.
EUC: Excellent used condition.
Fleece: One of the most common types of fabrics used on the inside of cloth diapers.
Fluff: This is a term used for cloth diapers. You will commonly see the term fluff mail used, which is referring to diapers ariving in the mail.
GUC: Good used condition.
Hybrid: Type of cloth diaper.
Insert: The absorbent part of a cloth diaper, usually used with pocket diapers.
One Size: A size of diaper that fit most babies from birth through potty training.
Pail Liner: This is the liner that is placed in a diaper pail to keep it clean, this is also reusable and is washed with diapers.
PIF: Pay it forward.
Pocket: A type of cloth diaper.
Prefold: An absorbant rectangle used in cloth diapering.
PUL: This is an abreviation for polyurethane laminate, this is the waterproof material that is chemically bonded to that back of fabric.
PPD: Paid packed delivered.
SAHM/SAHD: Stay at home mom. Stay at home dad.
Snappi: A brand name fastener that can be used with prefolds in place of safety pins.
Soaker: The absorbant part of a diaper, generally used with fitteds and AIO's.
Stash: Your collection of diapers.
Stripping: The removal of built up residue.
WAHM/WAHD: Work at home Mom. Work at home Dad.
Wet Bag: A reusable bag that is used to storing dirty diapers.
Wicking: Transferring liquid from one surface to another, this usually means that moisture is being pulled into the fabric away from the babies skin.

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