April Weight Check


Yesterday we had the April weight check and it went about as expected. Since we have been to the Doctors for Lilly being sick in the last few weeks, we had pretty much discussed what the Doctor was planning. While Lilly was sick she lost over a half pound. While in average sized babies this isn't a huge deal, for us it was a complete blow. We lost a lot of the progress we have been working so hard for. After her weight loss we moved from 22 calorie bottles to 24 calorie bottles, hoping to make up for that loss faster. The doctor wanted us to drop back down to the 22 calorie bottles after she gained the weight back, and continue with what we had been doing. This of course would mean more time pumping, so not fun.
Yesterday Lilly was 14 pounds 10 ounces, she made up for the weight lost and a little more. However she has decided she doesn't want to drink as much milk. It's like pulling teeth to get her to drink even 4 ounces. Instead she has become way more interested in her solid foods. Normal for her age, but of course an issue when we are trying to get weight on her. The doctor suggested we mix formula into her food, continue supplementing, and come back in a month. 
But the bottom line is this, I can't exclusively pump anymore. Now that Lilly is getting more mobile it has become way to difficult. Oh, and I am loosing my sanity. I have to ask myself what is more important, being a sane mother or giving Lilly breast milk? I have decided I need make some calls as Lilly's mom, and I have made a decision on where we go from here. I am going to nurse as much as Lilly will nurse. Hopefully a lot, but currently she will only eat for about 4 minutes before she is uninterested. If she needs a bottle she will get a bottle, if she weans then that's her choice. I am going to add formula to her food since I won't be giving her supplemented bottles (as long as she nurses). I can pray she turns around and starts nursing all the time, but if she doesn't I am starting to accept that. 

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