Weight Check Update


Lilly Joyce on March 25th at 14 pounds and 8 ounces!

Today was the first weight check since we established our plan to help Lilly gain weight. A very exciting and nervous day in our household.
As some of you have read in my breastfeeding story over on Danielle's blog, I started exclusively pumping so we could supplement my breast milk. It has been a month of exclusively pumping and I am over it. Bless you mamas that have been pumping from the start!
My hopes for today were that Lilly would have caught up to where we needed her to be so we could start working out the supplemented feedings and start our next hurdle, getting her back on the breast. As usual things didn't go as I expected or we had hoped, but I still left feeling victorious. Lilly has gained roughly two pounds in the last month, and the best part is she is no longer in the 'below average' weight category. At the whopping 7th percentile, the doctor, my husband, and I are pleased. Her height still isn't quite there so the doctor and I agreed to continue what we are doing for another month, then hopefully start cutting out the supplemented feedings.
Although I have another month of being a slave to the pump I am so excited Lilly is catching up, and that is a win in my book. I am so thankful I am no longer leaving her appointments holding back tears, and to have someone advocating for her right along with Austin and I. 
I know this next month will still have struggles. I loath pumping all day every day, and I will have a hard time not throwing in the towel. But I can do this, and I will do this. That's what a mama bear does right?


  1. Yay she gained 2 pounds!!!!!! You can do it! You can do it!!!!! It's for her and you got this! Hugs!!

    1. I know! So proud of her, I thought I was gonna shed happy tears this time. We also had an awesome nursing session in bed this morning. GREAT DAY! Thank you for all your support and advice Brittany :)

  2. That's so exciting! She and Audrey are the same weight right now ;) trust me, Emma was in the 20-25th percentile her whole infancy. Actually only at her two year appointment did she graduate to the 50th!

  3. You are strong!! You are going a great job mama

  4. Ugh I pumped exclusively for 6 months as my baby would barely eat on the breast. TORTURE I tell you. Go you, that first month is the hardest. I remember crying everyday! You can do it!!


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