My daughter is not an accessory.


I love to wear Lilly, and I am not shy about it.
I mean should I be?

But just because I wear my daughter doesn't mean I think she is an accessory.
I probably shouldn't even address the people that make comments like "I will never wear my baby, they are not an accessory", but I just cant help myself.

 First- You REALLY should educate yourself before you state your opinion on a topic.
Second- You shouldnt judge another parents decisions.
Especially when you do not have a child of your own.
& Third- I do not have the extra time to worry about how well I am accessorized around my home (which is mostly where I wearing Lilly).

So here is why I do wear my baby.
Those early months can be really hard at times. Lilly woud crying scream and all she wanted was to be held. While I loved holding my girl, it turns out I needed my hands to do important things like eating. This is where the sling came into our lives. She would sleep curled on my chest while I ate, or cleaned, or even just sat on the couch watching tv. But I was no longer tied down. I instantly fell in love.
We now use it at home when she just wants to be held but I have things to get done. This typically happens when she is teething, when she needs comfort. Baby wearing gives me the ability to comfort her while still getting things done.
The sling also comes very in handy when we head out of the house. Instead of lugging a car seat and a stroller around, I just throw her into the sling and go.

But making my life easier isnt the only reason for baby wearing, there are many medical benefits to wearing that little nugget.
It was found that baby wearing reduced crying in infants by 43% overall!
When babies are happier they are able to learn more. Because babies are not crying and distracted they are more alert, able to take in more visual and audio stimulation. They are able to see what mom and dad see, and be involved in their caregivers world. They are able to learn from facial expresions, voice tones, and emotions. All this interaction encourages the babies brain to grow, and helps the brain to make the right neurological connections when developing. It is even shown that speech development is enhanced in babies who were worn.
Being close to mom also helps baby regulate their breathing, this is especially beneficial to preemie babies. If worn in a position against the chest, the sounds of mommy's heart remind the baby of the womb and it feel secure. When a child is soothed by its caregiver they will less likely to be colicky, suck their thumb, or have other anxious behaviors.
There are also benefits to the childs spine, head shape, your physical health, and creating a bond.

 I am so thankful to have found a sling that Lilly and I both enjoy. I cherish our moments where she is so close, the moments I can watch her explore the world around her. While she is beautiful, she isn't my accessory. She is my daughter, and the most beautiful thing I have ever done in my life.


  1. I love this! And I love your new layout! Super fancy!! :)


    1. Thank you! I have spent way to much time googling/pinteresting :)


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